About Us

IT Media is an innovative project implementing company in the web environment. One direction of the Company’s functions is a complex service of web development and service, promotion, internet marketing, etc.

We provide consultancy and effective software solutions for all stages of any web project development to its full implementation and improvement.

During these years, our team has initiated and implemented more than 70 unique projects, including All-Armenian programs.

Armenian search engine, All-Armenian social and professional network, Banner and Contextual advertising, etc.

In 2020, the American branch of our Company was opened in Los Angeles, USA, to expand the geography of services and creating web resources for the American market also.

The following approach guides us in our work style and working relationships:

Humane treatment

First of all, this means:
HONESTY – be honest with the client from the first meeting to the end of the project, present/introduce our ability correctly, without exaggerating and coloring, promise only what we will definitely do, keep the customer from unnecessary expenses, have fixed and identical prices for everyone.
RESPONSIBILITY – serious and responsible approach to the customer project, maximum experience and knowledge in the work, and the most important thing is to follow up the implemented project, ensuring constant access, quick response to the problems, reliability.
CARE – be happy with customer success, take care of solving problems, do our best to take part in bringing to life our client’s business goals.

Due to all above-mentioned features, it’s possible to get QUALITY and ENJOY the process of the job.


Our Clients